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2015 new Bluetooth4.0 car kit with NFC function

2015 new Bluetooth4.0 car kit with NFC function

Using your phone while youre behind the wheel is irresponsible. Its not only dangerous to you, but also to others on the road. With a Bluetooth car kit(JRBC01), you can responsibly take your important phone calls and Music while you drive.

In Order to your driving safely, Jrelecs has launched one model Bluetooth hands-free car kit with NFC function.

1.      If you want to have Bluetooth in your car but dont want to spend the money and/or time to install a new head  unit. You can choice a Bluetooth receiver or it is also called Bluetooth Car kitBluetooth Hands-free Car kit, and so on.

2.      We recommend JRBC01 Bluetooth car kit for its superior sound quality (as good as, or better than, the rest of the competition) and microphone performance.

3. Bluetooth Car kit JRBC01s Bluetooth Module is adopts Apple Bluetooth supplier Broadcom ,

Broadcom Module transmission rate is faster and its not only better to save your Power, but also to cancel nois and echo in your car.

4. Bluetooth hands-free car kit JRBC01 with NFC function, it can fast pairing with NFC enabled smartphone.

5. Bluetooth car kit JRBC01 Feature

If you want to makes calls or listen to music from your phone while driving (and remaining hands-free), and you dont want to replace your entire stereo unit (either because of cost or hassle), Then you should get JRBC01 Bluetooth hands-free with NFC function.

Posted by: Joy Chen

Skype: joyjrelecs




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